Cleaner Snowmobiling

If you like to get out on a sled to help chase away the winter blues there are a few things that you can do to make your fun a little bit cleaner and greener. Most snowmobiles have a 2 cycle or 2 stroke engine which means that they are louder and have more emissions than other gas powered vehicles. This can be hazardous to your health as a rider and to the health of the environment.


Use synthetic, low emission lubricant oils in place of conventional petroleum lubes - these lubricants are not only designed to burn cleaner, but will also improve the overall performance of the snowmobile. There are a few of these items on the market that are even biodegradable and will not pose a threat to surface or groundwater if leaked or spilled directly onto the ground.

Get your sled properly tuned by a qualified mechanic before the beginning of each snowmobile season. This strategy helps to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and performance out of our sleds, while decreasing overall emissions.

Stop your engine during breaks! Snowmobile exhaust is particularly harmful and has a strong smell because of its high oil content. For the sake of your health, the comfort of your traveling companions and the good of the environment, shut your engine off during those longer rest periods.

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