Natural Swimming Pools

Do you like swimming in your backyard but hate the green hair syndrome? The natural swimming pool is a hot new trend in backyard recreation. It takes the popularity of water gardens to new heights with chemical-free swimming. That's right, the natural balance of a lake and the convenience of a backyard pool. No maintenance, no testing, no chemicals and less electricity use are the benefits of this environmentally friendly backyard-swimming oasis.

Natural swimming pools are fairly common in Europe but just starting to take off in the United States as people are becoming more interested in a lifestyle of simplicity and natural beauty. These pools are fairly complicated to build and run 10-20% more than a traditional in ground custom pool. You can keep the size down and the landscaping around the pool at a minimum to cut down some of the cost. The goal is to achieve a balanced eco-system just like in a lake where rocks filter particulates, plants beat out algae and a natural bacteria additive keeps the water clear and safe. You can even add fish (in fact, it's recommended!) to complete the cycle.

Natural Swimming Pool Tips

Go to a professional to get a good pool design with "bog filters", lots of plants and some streams to aerate the water

Find a contractor who has not only water garden experience but specific natural swimming pool experience

Don't swim in smelly or cloudy water - hire an expert to help get your pool back in natural balance

Check with local authorities for code requirements


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