Common Sense Pest Control

ANTS! Urgh! You don't always need harmful poison to control pests. There are more than 1 million insect species on this planet but less than 1% of those are considered pests. The other 99% play a crucial role in our food chain and many are indispensable to sustaining life for our species and others. These facts seem to be forgotten in our quest to attain a pest-free home and yard. (From Broward County Florida's Pollution Prevention and Remediation Division Website)

•  Look for and seal up holes and cracks around the foundation, windows and doors. Cut off pest's food and water supply through fixing leaky plumbing and good housekeeping.

•  Consider barrier methods first when you have a pest problem: Mosquito netting, soapy moats and sticky paper.

•  Investigate and try non-toxic home remedies prior to calling in a pest control company or using a pesticide

•  Use toxic products and pesticides only when all other attempts fail. Be sure to keep pesticides away from kids and pets. Wash your hands after contact with all chemicals.

•  If you use toxic products, dispose of container and pesticide properly by dropping them off at a hazardous waste drop off site.

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