The Natural Nursery

A baby nursery should be a place of safety, comfort and nurturing so the new arrival can be as healthy and happy as possible. A natural nursery is filled with convertible natural furniture that can grow with the child, wool or cotton mattress and bedding are naturally comfortable and fire retardant, non- toxic paints and non-plastic toys can reassure you that your child has every advantage without sacrificing the environment or your baby’s health.


Buy wood furniture with natural finishes - furniture that can grow with the child from crib to youth bed to double bed.

Use all natural bedding; wool and organic cotton - natural bedding is not made from synthetics that can "off gas" noxious chemical and wool is a natural fire retardant.

Dress baby in soft organic cotton - cotton made without chemidal pesticides so it's healthier for baby and the planet.

Use non-toxic paints and cleaning products in the nursery – decorate and maintain your nursery the non chemical way for baby’s sensitive system.

Purchase organic baby food - baby food made from all natural ingredients without using pesticides or food additives.

Links and Other Resource

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