Clean Up Your Indoor Air

The air inside your home can be 100 times worse than outdoor air. Clean up your indoor air in 5 easy steps.

Air Clean Up Tips

Test your home for radon - Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause cancer. Every home in Minnesota and Wisconsin should be tested. Home test kits are available at Home Depot and many hardware stores. For more information visit the Minnesota Health Department website and click on "radon" under hot topics.

Monitor your indoor humidity - Humidifiers are a way to make our indoor air livable during the cold, dry winter. But if we're not careful, they are a breeding ground for germs and can add too much moisture to the air causing mold to grow. A germ free humidifier can help control germs and a hygrometer can tell you when you are over-humidifying. Find the "Germ-Free Humidifier" at

Use a room air purifier with a HEPA filter - A small portable air purifier can remove pollen, dust and smoke from a room. Purchase one with a HEPA filter to catch the particles and make sure that the purifier is large enough for the room size. Avoid purifiers that emit ozone. Purifiers are available at any store that carries small home appliances.

Buy electrostatic furnace filters - Electrostatic pleated filters cost up to 5 times more than the cheap flat furnace filters but they last 3 times longer. They also will attract and filter significantly more dust, dirt and pollen. Electrostatic pleated filters are available at any home store.

Use natural air filters and fresheners - Chemical spray and wall plug filters are out! Use plants to help keep your home fresh and clean. Spider plants, peace lilies and ivy are the best. Try zeolite, a natural volcanic rock that controls odors without masking them. Find zeolite products at