Hybrid Cars

Would you like to get 52 miles to the gallon in the city?!?!? Cars are still our main source of transportation and air pollution in the US and the trend has been moving to larger less fuel efficient vehicles and SUV's. The new hybrid vehicles combine a gasoline engine and an electric motor for fuel-efficiency and fewer tailpipe emissions making them a great alternative to traditional cars. They look ordinary and drive ultra quietly as the gas and electric contraptions kick on and off. By 2006 there will be many hybrids on the market. Ford has hybrid plans for their Explorer and Escape models and Chevrolet's Suburban may come in a hybrid option - stay tuned.

If you can't afford a new car just yet, try these gasoline saving tips for your current vehicle:

Check your tire air pressure regularly. You would be surprised how much better your gas mileage is with properly inflated tires. You may save up to 6% on each gallon of gasoline!

Don't "warm up" your car in the winter or while you are waiting. Any time you idle you are creating tailpipe emissions and getting zero miles per gallon.

Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. If you have clogged filters in your engine, you maybe sacrificing up to 10% of your fuel efficiency.

Follow good driving habits -- slow, smooth starts and stops will increase your mpg's  

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