Green Loft Living

Real estate is beginning to turning green. And it’s no surprise that loft living is at the forefront of earth-friendliness. One Loft complex recently finished by The Lander Group on the Greenway in South Minneapolis is high on hip factor and loaded to the rafters with resource saving features and air quality devices. And even better, it’s built to last with durable materials that will provide long term cost savings. Here’s a checklist you can use whether you’re looking for a new urban loft or thinking about remodeling your suburban rambler.

Keep your indoor air quality pure for better health – Request paints and finishes that are “low or no VOC” (don’t smell) to protect your air quality. Ask your builder to provide you with fresh air into your HVAC and ductwork. Install beefed up air filters in HVAC equipment. Make sure that cabinets have sealed backs so that chemicals don’t escape from particleboard.

Buy resource saving features to keep utility costs low – Make sure you’re installing energy star appliances to conserve energy resources and your monthly expenses. Use ceiling fans and light dimmers wherever practical. Strategically place transparent eco-resin walls to let light shine through cutting down on electricity. Create areas for multiple functions so fewer electronics are purchased ie: a TV that swivels from one room to the next through an opening in the wall.

Use sustainable materials for durability and long term cost savings – Bamboo flooring is hot and replenishes in the forest faster than other wood flooring sources. Carpet tiles from Interface create interesting pattern choices and can be easily individually replaced if there is a spill. Exterior siding of Hardiplank and steel create a durable, contemporary design theme. Native landscaping in-between cleverly placed grassy areas enhances the property’s common green space.

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