Green Love

Valentine’s Day is a day of decadent romance. Green it up this year with earth- centric goodies. Make your lover feel more special than ever with good-for-you and good-for-the-earth love treats.


• Give organic roses – Organic flowers are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. It’s healthier for the growers, pickers and florists who handle the stems. It’s also healthier for the soil and doesn’t contribute to water pollution. Ultimately, it’s healthier for both your loved one and the planet.

• Enjoy organic wines – Winemakers that grow grapes organically or biodynamically are typically more careful in the entire winemaking process. They have fewer chemicals and are often “handmade” with love rather than bulk produced. Happier plants produce better fruit.

• Search out locally made all natural gourmet chocolates – Buying locally is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. Spending that green goodwill on incredibly delicious handcrafted chocolates will score big points with your loved one.

• Look for sustainably harvested seafood – Lobster, king crab and caviar are wonderfully decadent treats for your valentine. As our oceans are becoming over fished knowing which delights of the sea are more plentiful and not endangered is more important than ever. Buy your seafood from a trusted source that has a commitment to the wellbeing of the sea.