Green Nuptials - The Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Is someone in your family getting married? Have you been searching for that perfect wedding concept? Here comes the bride all dressed in green?!?!? The average American wedding for 125 people has a price tag of $19,000, which is out of range for many. It's possible to cut costs and create a stylish event by making some environmentally responsible choices during your wedding planning.

A green wedding is an eco-friendly and socially responsible event that balances ecology, style and tradition according to Organic Weddings website at A green wedding can be anything that you want it to be; with as much or as little eco-friendliness as you can muster. For some it means saving resources by having the wedding and reception in the same place so that guests aren't driving between venues creating smog and using fuel. Other couples insist on vegetarian options or all locally grown organic foods at their reception.

Some couples prefer to get married or honeymoon at an eco-tourism destination like Yellowstone National Park or on a beach in Costa Rica with nature all around. Many couples are recycling wedding rings from grandparents or wearing previously owned gowns that they've purchased at a vintage shop. "It's really about putting your money where your values are during the nuptial process" says Kim, the EarthSmart Consumer and eco-stylist.


•  Buy a recycled wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses at a vintage store - Previously loved clothes are less expensive and easy to find. Often they were purchased and never worn.

•  Use a florist who is willing to use locally grown, organic or in- season vegetation - Open your mind to more than cut flowers for your bouquet, ceremony flowers and reception table arrangements. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and grasses can make lovely additions or substitutions to cut flowers.

•  Serve organic wedding cake and pastries - Bakeries are getting more attuned to a couple's desire to have baked goods that are all organic and non-GMO. It's also possible to serve organic wines, vegetarian foods or locally grown seasonal foods and drinks.

•  Get married in a non traditional place - An eco-tourism destination that's local, national or international is a perfect place to tie the knot. It's unique, memorable and you will be doing a good thing for the local economy.

•  Save paper and postage with non-traditional wedding invitations - Consider a reply postcard instead of a card with envelope, and print the directions and map to the wedding on the back of the invite. Use recycled content paper.

Other Resources
See below for Twin Cities stores where you can find the items featured in the television segment.   - Previously owned wedding dresses, shoes and bridesmaid dresses located in the Twin Cities. Phone # 612-926-1596   - Twin Cities bakery specializing in organic baked goods. Personal one-on-one appointments encouraged for wedding confection designs.  - Unique floral and plant bouquets, ceremony arrangements and reception tables. Phone # 612 -964-3802   - General information and specific resources for planning a green wedding.   - Bio-degradable confetti, seed favors, do-it-yourself cones, rose pedals.   - Has organic wines and champagne.   - The International Ecotourism Society for info on environmentally friendly travel destinations.