Earth-Friendly Family Make-Over - Home Segment

Do you worry that you're life is one big busy merry-go-round that doesn't leave time for separating the junk mail from the trash? Are you sick of that nasty cold air coming through your living room windows on a cold winter night? Do you have a superfund toxic waste dump in your garage of old gas cans, oil, anitfreeze and paints?

Then it's time for an in-home visit from Kim Carlson, eco-stylist and her EarthSmart Team known as the "Green Five". They will drive up in their Toyota Prius hybrid that gets 50+ miles to the gallon courtesy of Denny Hecker Toyota (call Chris Sumner 651-455-6000 for an EarthSmart spin in a new and improved '04 Prius)

The Green Five

Eco-Stylist - Kim Carlson
The EarthSmart Consumer

Waste Woman - Dianna Kennedy
Eureka Recycling

Energy Man - Rich Huelskamp

Construction Guy - Greg Boyle
Boyle Construction

Green Foodie - Mike Phillips
Chet's Taverna


•  Get an energy audit from your electricity provider.

•  Install window film on the outside of the window BETWEEN storm and window for invisible sealing.

•  Caulk the inside of the storm window with Red Devil Zip-A-Way-Removable Sealant or another removable caulk (leave a some space in the caulk at the bottom of the window to allow condensation to drain).

•  Replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with compact fluorescents.

•  Use fluorescents in ceiling light cans on the top floor of a home to provide a cooler option so that frost doesn't develop in the attic.

•  Calculate your savings at

•  Use a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. Acceptable range 30-50% humidity.

•  Use bath fan periodically to remove unwanted humidity.

•  Bring old gas cans to the hazardous waste facility and replace with "no-spill" cans with vapor recovery.

•  Exchange gas lawn mower for an electric mower or reel mower.

Other Information & Resources  - Look for Zip-A-Way Removable sealant   - go to home improvement and repair products to find window film   - Online energy analysis   - energy saving information from Commerce Department    - energy saving information   - click on "air"

Lawn Mower Exchange Program - Colleen Coyne 612-334-3388  x109