Green Holiday Gifts From Marshall Fields

Do you love to get all of your holiday shopping done in one place? Have you had trouble finding eco-friendly gifts in mainstream stores? Do you long to give conscious-style gifts? Kim makes her annual holiday earth-friendly shopping picks from local uber department store, Marshall Fields.

Kim demos corn bedding for hypo-allergenic night's z-z-z-z-z's. Check out the new eco-drive watches from Citizen. Salivate over the personalized natural food gift basket from M.F.'s Marketplace. Giving green can be easy, fun and found in a mainstream department store!


•  Purchase gifts made locally to avoid transportation costs.

•  Buy gifts made from natural materials which are better for air quality
   i.e. bees wax candles.

•  Purchase gifts from a company that has a strong environmental
   message i.e. Timberland clothes and shoes.

•  Find gifts made with recycled content.

•  Send gift baskets filled with natural and local ingredients.

•  Buy gifts with solar power rather than batteries that need replacing
   (Citizen's Eco-Drive watches).

•  Make cloth covered gift boxes or bags instead of wrapping paper.

•  Use left over contact paper or wallpaper to cover gift boxes

•  Make the wrap part of the gift ie: wrap in a t-shirt or scarf

•  Make computer generated gift certificates giving of your time or a
   service (i.e. baby sitting, window washing or dining)

•  Use saved bows from other gifts.

•  Last year's received holiday cards make great gift tags.

•  Pinecones and raffia (ribbon made from a plant) adorn a box.

Other Information and Resources

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