Earth-Friendly Family Make-Over / Lifestyle Segment

Do you worry that you're life is one big busy merry-go-round that doesn't leave time for separating the junk mail from the trash? Want a pet but don't want the responsibility of a dog - have you thought of a bin of garbage eating worms? Are you living with a toxic waste dump under your kitchen sink for cleaning and keeping pests out?

Then it's time for an in-home visit from Kim Carlson, eco-stylist and her EarthSmart Team known as the "Green Five". The team drives up in their Toyota Prius hybrid that gets 50+ miles to the gallon ready to help a family learn that it's easy and fun being green. (Prius courtesy of Denny Hecker Toyota call Chris Sumner 651-455-6000 for an EarthSmart spin in a new and sexy '04 Prius)
The Green Five

Eco-Stylist - Kim Carlson
The EarthSmart Consumer

Waste Woman - Dianna Kennedy
Eureka Recycling

Energy Man - Rich Huelskamp

Construction Guy - Greg Boyle
Boyle Construction

Green Foodie - Mike Phillips
Chet's Taverna


•  Integrate earth-friendly ingredients into meals - buy locally grown foods to cut down on transportation costs and organics to reduce resource use (off farm inputs).

•  Know what you throw - go through your home garbage periodically to see what is getting thrown into the garbage that could be recycled ie: most junk mail can be recycled along with your newspapers.

•  Make a recycling center in your home - place large rubber type garbage cans with a paper grocery bag liner in a closet or under a sink to make recycling convenient. Stack newspapers horizontally to save room.

•  Compost kitchen scraps - start a worm bin or a backyard compost pile for vegetable and fruit scraps. If you use your sink disposal to get rid of this type of waste, it will be scraped off at the sewer treatment plant and still end up in a landfill.

•  Make friends with worms - a worm bin can be a fun way to learn about recycling for the entire family. It can be used indoors all winter long and won't smell.

•  Use less toxic products - find a brand of less toxic cleaning products that you like and use the toxic stuff on only the stubborn stains. Try homemade remedies for household pests. Use botanical when practical. Cut down on your home toxicity.

•  Use a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. Acceptable range 30-50% humidity. More than that and you may be encouraging mold growth.

•  Use bath fan periodically to remove unwanted humidity.

•  Bring old gas cans to the hazardous waste facility and replace with "no-spill" cans with vapor recovery.

•  Exchange gas lawn mower for an electric mower or reel mower.

Other Information & Resources   Or - Less toxic great smelling cleaning products available in the Twin Cities at Lunds, Byerlys, Bibelot, Posh and others. Check website for other store locations.

Frattallone's Hardware Stores in the Twin Cities - 651-288-8888 to purchase "no spill" gas cans and electric lawn mowers.

Eureka Recycling Hotline - 651-222-7678 for any info on garbage, recycling or to order a worm bin.   - Where to recycle or throw items in the metro area.   - Energy saving information   - click on "air" or contact Colleen Coyne at
612-334-3388 x109 to for a $50 off coupon when you exchange
your gas lawn mower for electric.