Green Dry Cleaning

Do you hate that just dry-cleaned smell? The odor from traditional dry-cleaning comes from the solvent used in the cleaning process called perchloro-ethelene or "perc". Perc is a dangerous chemical suspected of causing cancer, as well as, less serious physical reactions in some people. It is classified as a hazardous chemical by the EPA, can contaminate ground water and contributes to smog problems in cities.

The less toxic alternatives to perc dry-cleaners are: silicone based solvent cleaners, carbon dioxide cleaners and "wet" cleaners. All of which do not have the strong odor or potential side effects of perc cleaners. If you can't find a non-perc dry-cleaner in your area, contact your state pollution control agency or health department for a list of less toxic dry-cleaners. If you are currently using a perc dry-cleaners, be sure to remove the plastic film from cleaned clothes and let them air out for 1-2 days in a room that you don't use for sleeping. It will help reduce the odor and give the chemicals a chance to leave the fabric before you wear it.


Find a non-PERC dry-cleaner

Take the plastic off of newly dry-cleaned clothes and let them air out for 48 hours before hanging them in your closet

Recycle hangers and plastic bags

Use biodegradable and natural detergents


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