Composting Inside and Out

Let’s compost! Food waste takes up more than 25% of the average household’s garbage. By composting, you can convert kitchen and yard wastes into a dark crumbly mixture that can improve the soil in your garden or container plantings and reduce your use of fertilizer and water.

•  Buy or make an outdoor compost container that breaths and put it in a shady out of the way place in your yard.

•  Add fresh or dried grass clippings, leaves, plant stalks, weeds without head seeds and turn weekly. You'll need both "greens" (grass clippings or plants) and "brown" ground up sticks or brown leaves, water, light and time.

•  DO NOT compost food scraps (dairy, meats or animal products), pet wastes or diseased plants - "garbage in, garbage out".

•  DO compost vegetable cuttings, left over fruit, eggs and coffee grounds.

•  Buy a worm bin for composting kitchen waste and keep the bin in a cool, dark place.

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