Owning a vehicle costs an average of $10,000/year! You can save money and resources by paying per use rather than buying a car. It’s new to the Twin Cities but available in many other metro areas around the U.S. It’s organized car-sharing called HourCar.

The Neighborhood Energy Consortium’s HourCar program began operating last June and has a fleet of hybrid Toyota Priuses available in 11 locations around the metro. Members pay fees to join and then only for the time and miles used in the cars. No costly auto insurance, no gas cost, no maintenance. Drive a car only when you need one.

This program appeals to families who sometimes need a second or third vehicle and don’t want to own one. Or transit users who need a car occasionally to run errands. Or downtowners who live and work within walking distance of a hub.

A special limited offer: Join HOURCAR now for only $50 - and get $25 of free driving! No annual fee!

There is an application process/approval process with driving history considered.

For more information contact HOURCAR at