Air Quality Alerts (Ozone)

Smog in the Twin Cities is happening! The Twin Cities are growing which places more demands on our power plants and creating more traffic congestion on our roads. Mix this up with fumes from paints, solvents and gasoline on a hot summer day and we have a recipe for smog or ground level ozone, which can damage lungs particularly in athletes, young children and the elderly.

There are some very simple things that we all can do to help stop this problem:

•  Purchase a "no spill" gas can to eliminate gas vapors.

•  Refill your car gas tank at night (after 6:00pm) during hot summer days.

•  Use water based paints and solvents and postpone painting or staining to cooler summer days or evenings.

•  Turn off lights and appliances whenever possible and buy energy saving light bulbs and appliances.

•  On hot summer days drive less: postpone or bunch errands together, take the bus, ride a bike or telecommute.

•  Postpone using gasoline-powered engines like weed wackers, lawn mowers and gas powered recreational vehicles until evening or a cooler day.

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